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Live : Railway Budget 2006-07

Posted in Uncategorized by irfcaconvention on February 24, 2006

Thank you for visiting this space. Features live blogcasting of Shri Laloo Prasad Yadav’s Railway Budget 2006-07 presentation speech in the Parliament on Friday, Feb 24, 2006

Note: The following is neither a complete nor accurate account of the Railway Budget, but more of indicators/highlights/snippets of what has transpired in the Parliament house, brought to you live.

1340 PM :

* New SF trains on NDLS-AGC-MTJ routes
* Long term freight discount scheme

1330 PM : * 190 trains to get 23-24 coaches
* HWH and BCT Rajdhani to be speeded by 1 hour
* 190 trains to get 23-24 coaches
* HWH and BCT Rajdhani to be speeded by 1 hour
* Pandemonium in the Parliament. Opposition can be heard more than LPY. LPY keeps muttering something…

1310 PM :

* Prashanti exp to BBS
* Renewal period for MSTS increased from 3 days to 10days
* Superfast charges applicable on MSTs and quarterly season tickets (QSTs) reduced to one-fourth of the current level
* Tariff fixation mechanism for military traffic to be rationalised and simplified
* 14 daily, 27 weekly, 5 biweekly, 5 triweekly trains

* 1037/38 Patna-Pune now biweekly
* 2683/84 SBC-ERS exp now biweekly
* 2661/62 Podhigai now tri-weekly
* 2715/16 Sachkand now daily
* Belgaum-Miraj pass now 6 days
* Hatia-LTT now biweekly
* SBC-GHY now tri-weekly
* NDLS-GHY SK now tri-weekly
* HWH-GHY Saraighat now 5days
* HWH-DHN Upasna biweekly
* Kathgodam-DHN triweekly
* NZM-YPR KSK now rerouted via MMR-PUNE-ASK biweekly
* Archana exp now via Rai Bareily
* Ranchi-Ajmer new train
* Kishanganj-Ajmer new train
New lines:
* Jayanagar-Darbhanga
* Senchoa-Silghat
* Katihar-Barsoi
* Ajmer-Chhitaurgarh
* Kinvat-Mudkhed
* Sonamukhi- Rainagar
* Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur
* Attur-Salem
* Mailaduturai- Villupuram
* Puddukotai-Karaikudi
* Basavanabagewadi-Bagalkot
* Mysore-Chamrajnagar
* Neemuch-Ratlam
* Samakhiali-Gandhidham

1300 PM :

* NMR and DHR are now World heritage sites
* Increase in foreign tourists
* More trains to Religious and Historic places
* Garib Nawaz exp to Ajmer from Pakistan
* 150kmph on NDLS-CNB/Patna routes
* Rail wheel Factory, Chapra

New Trains :

* ADi-Patna weekly
* YPR-AII weekly
* Delhi-Patna Garib Rath Weekly
* Del-Mum Garib Rath Weekly
* Del-Chennai Garib Rath Weekly
* Chapra-GKP Garib Rath Weekly
* Bangalore-Darbhanga
* Chennai-MAQ triweekly
* Chennai-Nagercoil Weekly
* VSKP-NZB biweekly
* Pune-LKO weekly
* JBP-JAT weekly
* JP-ASR biweekly
* Mathura-Alwar pass
* MTM-TPTY pass
* ASN-Bokaro MEMU
* AII-Udaipur
* Purna-Adilabad after GC
* Nanded-Adilabad after GC

1250 PM :

* Staff Quarters at all new divisional and zonal HQs
* Running Rooms to be built near stations, if not so
* Better facilities at running rooms, including cheaper and better food
* DEMU manufacturing facility at Sonepur (?)
* Super Speciality Hospitals at many places
* Many new hospitals at various new divisional HQs
* Another coach manufacturing unit near Chennai (?)

* More benefits for employees
* Better facilities for candidates appearing for RRB exams

1240PM :

* Retiring Rooms will be upgraded
* LHB will now be on Patna and Sealdah Rajdhani
* Vaishali, Brindavan, NZM-GWL exp will have newer facilities
* Better seats, lighting, cool interiors
* Better catering in non-PC trains

* Better safety for travel
* All A/B/C routes to have MACL signalling
* Priority on reducing accident rates
* 1000 trains will have RPF escort patrols
* Safety for women to be given priority

1235 PM :

* Many Shatabdis and Rajdhanis will be speeded up
* Many trains will be made 23-24 coachers
* 200 stations will have longer platforms to accomodate 24 coachers
* 250 more stations to have longer platforms
* More trains to have Pantry cars
* Better catering facility on trains and stations
* Automatic vending machines and Food Plazas at many stations

* Parcel loading and unloading at all stations with halts for more than 5mins
* SLRs which are unused on some trains will be replaced by GS coaches
* 50% fare concessions for farmers in Sleeper Class
* E-Ticketing to be cheaper
* E-ticket for all M/E trains
* E-Ticket charges reduced by Rs 20 for AC and Rs 15 for SL
* More than 200 Automatic Ticket Vending machines
* Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Policy using Prepaid Vouchers
* More Rail Travel agents, more in Rural Areas too
* Model Stations in all zones and divisions

1230 PM :

* More emphasis on freight
* Faster rake movements for freight
* Wagon turnaround time will be reduced
* Wagon mantainence to be prioritized
* Wagon Terminal Improvent Facility to be given extra funds.

* Increased production of both Diesel and Electric Locos
* Try to reduce losses in catering
* Rolling stock will be improved
* New All India Time Table for trains which will be pax friendly
* Many trains will be speeded up and made SF

1220 PM :

* Rs 4,170 crore to be borrowed by IR
* First time ever: Rs 11,000 crore fund surplus
* Diesel & Petrol Freight charges down by 8%
* Freight revenue up 9%

* Private parties will be allowed to run container rakes.
* New routes to tap market will be prioritized.
* More EMU/DMU trains in city and suburban areas
* Dynamic fare structures for all classes
* ATMs, Cyber cafes at stations

* New class of trains GARIB RATH having 25% lesser fare than 3A.

1210 PM :

* Rs 23,475 crore plan outlay for the year
* Plan outlay 32% higher
* Rs 22,200 cr outlay for freight corridor

* 55 New trains this year
* 1A fare cut by 18%
* 2A fare cut by 10%
* No hike in either pax or freight fares.
PS: Acknowledgements due to Ms. Tanvi Abhyankar, who helped me in compiling a lot of this data.


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  1. Ranganath said,

    Nice…really nice…Keep it going 🙂

  2. varun said,

    Again Laloo has given a ‘slip’ to karnataka.Apart from one Garib Rath and one Tata Express trains there are only 3 extensions-6513 upto Bagalkot(BG.Cnv);VSKP prashanti to BBS and SBC-ERS to Biweekly and SBC-GHY to triweekly.Nothing new!

  3. G Swaminathan said,

    What is this Kathgodam-DHN (Dhanbad) tri weekly that has been mentioned here ?

    Secondly, I request you to discuss the topic of upgradation of some trains to super fast trains. Unless, old timings are restored for trains like Coromondal and Gitanjali… primariliy reducing the number of stops the whole excercise becomes frutile.

    To meet intermediate stations, the new trains proposed would meet the requirement.

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